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Risky, muscular, inventive theatre.

A formidable ensemble with a reputation for making risky, muscular and inventive theatre, Thrust puts cutting edge cross-disciplinary practice at the heart of everything we do. Notable for bold visual and dramaturgical interventions on new and found texts, we foreground risk, innovation and interrogation of form. We’re not interested in making work that plays it safe: if we’re not taking a risk to make the work then we don’t see the point in making it.

“A great showcase of young talent.”
The Argus

Since 2007 we’ve been gathering a reputation as a company known for constantly reassessing the theatrical form. Our ensemble of interdisciplinary artists seamlessly blend performance with scenography, stagecraft with technology, and form with content. Critics and audiences alike regularly describe our work as brave, elegant, striking, sophisticated and urgent.

“Impressive quality drama.”
Fringe Review

Our radically spare revival of Pornography was described by writer and academic Pedro de Senna as “one of the most powerful productions I’ve seen anywhere in contemporary British theatre”; meanwhile Dr. Charlotte Thompson hailed our intermedial adaptations of The Bell Jar and 6 Characters In Search Of An Author as “some of the most visually striking theatre I have seen.”

“Their work is characterised by hybridity, which pushes and layers its expressiveness.”
Charlotte Thompson

We don’t stop with our own work. Through our unique More Storm Festival we advocate companies and artists devoted to changing the way theatre is made. Dana Segal called it “easily London's most beautiful, professional and exciting scratch night”.

We’ve been commissioning new writing since the very start. We’ve crammed 2-ton sets into tiny festival venues. We turned a square beige building into a glittering palace of scratch performance. We did a questionable panto back in 2009.

“A talented company with great imagination.”
Julia Pascal

The combination of our daring and ambition with a theatrical vocabulary that’s unique amongst emerging companies makes Thrust a force to be reckoned with.

“Incredibly brave.”
Nick Herrett


A fascinating twist on the theatrical form.


Artistic directors:
Bruce Adams & William Bowden

Artist in residence: Zakk Hein

Associate artists:
Rosanna Dowlen   Ryan Funnell   Ester Mangas Fernandez
Freya Martin   Henry Martin   Tika Mu'tamir
Harriet Wakefield   Rachel Wood   scott Wright